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15th June 2022
Higher Education: Skills, E-Learning, Innovation & Vocational

7th April 2022
Higher Education: Skills, Digital Learning, Quality & Post-Covid Policies

9th March 2022
Education Technology: Improving Instruction and Teacher Development

2nd March 2022
Digital Higher Education: Innovation, Research, Employability & Future Skills

9th February 2022
Education Technology: Governance & Regulation For Quality Learning

1st December 2021
Trusted Online and Blended Learning: Robust Policy, Quality Pedagogy and Digital Skills

17th November 2021
Education Technology: Ensuring Equity, Access, and Inclusion

27th October 2021
Education Technology: Knowledge Generation and Creation for Skills Development

29th September 2021
Addressing Learning Recovery: Strategies for Numeracy & Literacy

25th August 2021
Education – Entrepreneurship – Employability: The critical role of innovation in higher education in closing the skills gap in the MENA region

24th February 2021
Teacher Training and Development: Policy, Practice and Capacity Building

10th February 2021
Remote Learning to Provide Sustainable Equity and Access in Higher Education

25th November 2020
MENA Special – Skills and Innovation for Jobs of the Future

18th November 2020
Coherent and Resilient Education Systems Post-COVID: Championing Proactive Policy Making

28th October 2020
Building Teacher Capacity and ICT Training for Blended and Online Learning

17th September 2020
Africa Special – Skills & Innovation for Jobs of the Future

12th August 2020
From Learning Loss to Long-Term Resilience: Implementing Curriculum & Assessment Reform

22nd July 2020
Digital Safeguarding for Learner Well-Being & Achievement

9th July 2020
Policy, Planning, Financing & Collaboration

1st July 2020
Accelerated Recovery: Improving Outcomes with Blended Learning

24th June 2020
Teaching, Pedagogy & Assessment – Actions & Policy Recommendations

17th June 2020
School Re-Openings & Policies for Resilient Education, Post COVID-19

28th April 2020
Practical ICT for Education Policies: Short-Term Solutions & Long-Term Frameworks

2nd April 2020
Global School Closures – Meeting the Challenges for Educators

Thank you to all the senior officials and experts who have contributed to the GOLA meetings with their opening or closing statements. In some cases, these statements have been accompanied by presentations. We are pleased to make these available for download, please click on the image or name of the speaker for your copy.

March 2022

Instructional and Teacher Development
Mayank Dhingra, MEA Senior Education Leader, HP

February 2022

New Frontiers in Governance and Regulation for Quality Learning
Christine Nasserghodsi, Managing Partner, Mirai Partners

Governance and Regulation for Quality Learning in an Age of Digital Acceleration
Mrs Abiola Seriki-Ayeni, Director General Education Quality Assurance, Lagos State, Nigeria

December 2021

Transforming Education in MENA Region Through Skills Development
Anthony Tattersall, Vice President EMEA, Coursera

Egyptian Higher Education – Step Forward During and After Covid-19
Prof Abeer Elshater, Consultant for Egyptian Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Leading Out of Adversity: Policies for Post-Covid Pandemic
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Egypt

November 2021

UNESCO GEM Report Consultation, Closing Comments on Access, Equity, and Inclusion
Richard King, Director of sub-Saharan Africa, Education Development Trust

2023 UNESCO GEM Report Concept Note on Access, Equity, and Inclusion
Manos Antoninis, Director, Global Education Monitoring Report

October 2021

2023 UNESCO GEM Report Concept Note on Technology and Education
Manos Antoninis, Director, Global Education Monitoring Report

Education Technology for Content & Knowledge
Scott Smith, Vice President Government, Odilo

September 2021

Technology to Support Adaptive Individualised Instruction
Juan Baron, Senior Economist & Lead for Adaptive Learning, The World Bank

Measuring the Impact of Covid on Learning in Rural Kenya
Richard Marett, Chief Executive Officer, Whizz Education

August 2021

February 2021

Students’ Access to and use of Learning Materials
South Africa DHET, Survey Report 2020

Remote Learning for Sustainable Equity & Access in Higher Education, Experiences from Nigeria
Prof Yakubu Ochefu, Secretary General, Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities

Enhancing Student Engagement in a Digital Learning Environment
James Gray, Chief Executive Officer, Kortext

November 2020

Reinventing the Role of Technology in Education: Now and into the Future
Taha Khalifa, CCG Sales Director EMEA, Intel

Skills & Innovation for Jobs of the Future – Ajman X
Sheikha Noora Humaid Rashed Al-Nuaimi, Director Ajman X

Innovation Skills for Job Creation
Veerappan Swaminathan, CEO, EDM8KER

October 2020

Supporting the Education Sector in Mitigating the Impact of COVID19
Mayank Dhingra, Senior Education Business Leader, MEA, HP

Building Teacher Capacity for Hybrid & Online Learning
Dr Christine Nasserghodsi, Co-Founder, Mirai Partners

August 2020

July 2020

Safeguarding: Secure Students = Better Outcomes
Justin Reilly, CEO Impero Software

Schooling Disrupted – Schooling Rethought: How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Changing Education
Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education & Skills, OECD

June 2020

The Challenges Faced by Teachers
Andria Zafirakou, 2018 World Teacher of the Year