The National E-Learning Centre (NELC) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting a series of virtual roundtable meetings with international educators and experts to discuss the latest trends and developments in education and the impact on online learning.

In this fast-changing world, where we see the exponential growth of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, along with the responsibility of governments and institutions to provide a duty of care and safeguard learners online, this series of meetings will address these most pertinent issues. Desired outcomes of these discussions include:

  • Policy recommendations for the use of Ai in eLearning
  • Evidence-based assessment of online learning outcomes
  • Technological developments impacting virtual learning environments

Meeting One: 20 March 2023

  • How artificial intelligence is impacting online learning. Responding to ChatGPT, Bard & new open AI resources

Meeting Two: 14 June 2023

  • Skills Transformation through Digital Learning

    More virtual roundtables will also follow on to discuss topics such as:

    • Online learning to improve employability and industry collaboration
    • Embedding creativity and innovation to develop entrepreneurial talent
    • Best practices and usage of open educational resources (OERs)
    • Pedagogy: improving teaching, learning and assessment in the online environment
    • Accelerating the development of indigenous Saudi eLearning content

    The National eLearning Center, established as an independent entity by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Council of Ministers. It aims to enhancing trust in eLearning, providing lifelong equal access to eLearning, and leading sustainable innovation in eLearning in order to achieve trusted online learning for all.

    More details of the NELC and its mission are available at:

    The NELC is committed to innovation and leaderships and its strategic objectives are aligned with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: