9th March 2022
Education Technology: Improving Instruction and Teacher Development

9th February 2022
Education Technology: Governance & Regulation For Quality Learning

17th November 2021
Education Technology: Ensuring Equity, Access, and Inclusion

27th October 2021
Education Technology: Knowledge Generation and Creation for Skills Development

We are proud to be working in partnership with the UNESCO GEM Report team to support the ongoing consultation for the 2023 GEM Report. The format of our GOLA meetings with small break-out groups are ideal for the consultation process and we thank both UNESCO and partners who have supported the organising of these meetings including Education Development Trust, Odilo and HP.

The 2023 UNESCO GEM Report will be under the theme of Technology and Education. This is the first time that the GEM Report has addressed the role of technology in education. You can view the concept note and consultation document at:

You can learn more about the 2023 GEM Report consultation process and events here which references the meetings convened by GOLA as well as other important meetings from around the world.

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