Thank you to all the participants and key-note speakers who have taken part in previous GOLA meetings and made such outstanding contributions to the discussion. The last 12 meetings have had over 1,000 participants representing 85 countries worldwide. It is an honour for the organisers to host such distinguished gatherings, senior officials committing their time is true testament to their desire to ensure the best and most coherent educational practices.

The success of GOLA meetings is the simple format of keynote opening statements followed by multiple private break out groups to discuss the topic of the day. Several opening statements have been accompanied by presentations which you may view or download.




Thursday 9th July 2020

“Policy, Planning, Financing & Collaboration”


Wednesday 24th June 2020

“Teaching, Pedagogy & Assessment – Actions & Policy Recommendations”


Tuesday 28th April 2020

“Practical ICT for Education Policies: Short-Term Solutions & Long-Term Frameworks”


Thursday 2nd April 2020

“Global School Closures – Meeting the Challenges for Educators”




Wednesday 24th February 2021

“Teacher Training and Development: Policy, Practice and Capacity Building”

In Partnership with Cambridge


Wednesday 10th February 2021

“Remote Learning to Provide Sustainable Equity and Access in Higher Education”

In Partnership with Kortext


Wednesday 27th January 2021

“Beyond the Classroom: An Online Blueprint for Successful Policy & Learning”

In Partnership with Smart Technologies


Wednesday 25th November 2020

“MENA Special – Skills and Innovation for Jobs of the Future”

In Partnership with Intel


Wednesday 18th November 2020

“Coherent and Resilient Education Systems Post-COVID: Championing Proactive Policy Making”

In Partnership with Cambridge


Wednesday 28th October 2020

“Building Teacher Capacity and ICT Training for Blended and Online Learning”

In Partnership with HP


Thursday 17th September 2020

“Africa Special – Skills & Innovation for Jobs of the Future”

In Partnership with Intel


Wednesday 12th August 2020

“From Learning Loss to Long-Term Resilience: Implementing Curriculum & Assessment Reform”

In Partnership with Cambridge


Monday 27th July 2020

“Asia Pacific: Lessons from COVID-19”

In Partnership with SMART Tech


Wednesday 22nd July 2020

“Digital Safeguarding for Learner Well-Being & Achievement”

In Partnership with Impero Software


Wednesday 1st July 2020

“Accelerated Recovery: Improving Outcomes with Blended Learning”

In Partnership with Whizz Education


Wednesday 17th June 2020

“School Re-Openings & Policies for Resilient Education, Post COVID-19”

In Partnership with Cambridge